"Upgraded" Roaming Data Day Plan - Charges


The "Upgraded" Roaming Data Day Plan now brings you 6 good reasons for ultimate peace of mind, so you can make the most out of your trip

Many more plans are available to fit your business needs.

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Customers using the "Upgraded" Roaming Data Day Plan can enjoy free global travel insurance coverage during the period that the day plan is effective. Join now to travel with ultimate peace of mind! (Promotional period is valid until 31 December 2022)

Service Coverage Daily Service Fee
(per destination)
Service Set
"Upgraded" Roaming Data Day Plan China/ Macau HK$138 Freely Enjoy Roaming Data
HK$60 credit for local outgoing calls in the same city
All other destinations - over 160 of them HK$198
Enjoy a daily fee of only HK$68+ when you start to use the "Upgraded" Roaming Data Day Plan after 18:00 (local time) in your destination
  • Using a Day Plan in China and Macau on the same day will only incur one daily fee. The daily fee will be charged a maximum of two times if the customer uses the plan in different designated destinations in Europe within the same day.

  • A day is defined as 00:00 to 23:59 (local time) in your destination. For destinations with multi time zones, it will be according to the time of the capital at the visited destination or specific destination.

  • This offer is not applicable to the HK$60 credit for local outgoing calls in the same city.

  • Please see below for details of local outgoing calls in different destinations, including the roaming charge per minute of various roaming partners.

The tariffs quoted are for reference only, and are subject to change without prior notice according to the call type, charging unit, pricing schemes of overseas network operators, call duration, tax rates and exchange rate fluctuations. The charges and call duration will be determined by the call record in the system.

Most frequently visited:
China - GuangDong
China - ShenZhen and SheKou
China - Rest of China
China - Macau
United Kingdom
Network Operator
Call Within Same City
(per minute)
Off Peak

Data Roaming Dollars

Upon a contract subscription to a designated monthly plan *, enjoy 13% off Data Roaming Dollars, which can be deducted from the daily rate of our "Upgraded" Roaming Data Day Plan or "Virtual WiFi Egg".

Service Service Fees
(Monthly Plan Contract Offer)
Data Roaming Dollars $1,000
(Valid for 24 months)
( Valid for 24 months)

*Customer is required to subscribe to iPhone SuperCare Smartphone Plans with handset subscription / SuperCare Smartphone Plans with handset subscription

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