Transportation and Logistics
Improve driving experience and courier tracking accuracy
Vehicle Connectivity Management

Vehicle Connectivity Management service automates deployment and management of connected automobiles.

Manufacturer can deploy connectivity on every new vehicle quickly through the cloud platform. It is a user friendly and zero-touch provisioning process, without time and geographic limitations. The platform also serves as a reliable tool to support customer service, since it offers instant connectivity performance and analysis that facilitates both remote diagnostics and maintenance process.

Together with our reliable and seamless network, drivers’ experience is enhanced by the provision of infotainment like weather and media streaming; connected navigation such as live traffic and smart routing, etc. It also offers over-the-air software updates on new features and functions.

SmarTone Location Service

SmarTone Location Service improves courier management and customer service by leveraging the visibility of parcel delivery progress.

The solution offers a cloud portal that tracks the courier instantly, which speeds up the response time and accuracy in response to customer enquiries on delivery status and expected arrival schedule. It also facilitates job dispatch and re-allocation in adhoc scenarios.

The portal also supports scheduled tracking with reports that management could evaluate the operation efficiency at minimal effort.


Frontline staff of transport and logistics companies have to process lots of customer information in daily operation, such as customer’s personal data, contact information, mailing address and credit card details. Without proper handling and effective cybersecurity measure, customer information can be easily exposed or suffer operation interruption causing financial loss.

Our cybersecurity approach enhances organization’s cybersecurity capacity for prevention, detection and response by adopting a three-pronged tactic – People, Process and Technology.

To mitigate increasing threats, training and simulation are required to enhance staff’s cybersecurity awareness to empower defense capacity for organization, like aware phishing scams and manage the ongoing problem of social engineering etc.

Cyberattack can cause injuries to the public. When a managed vehicle is being hacked, suggested smart route can be manipulated, causing damage to the vehicle as an asset, etc. Hackers can also amend the electronic health record of a vehicle, hiding critical issues and delay maintenance. Therefore, in addition to the People approach, Smart Endpoint Detection and Response can strengthen cybersecurity measures through technology. By enhancing the reliability with comprehensive visibility and instant correlation across all endpoints, the solution shortened investigation and incident response time to minimize the impact on operation and corporate reputation.