Enhance shoppers’ experience and boost sales
Smart Messaging Solutions

Retailers can make use of our Smart Messaging Solutions to conduct promotion or internal communication via SMS/MMS reliably and cost effectively.

They can prepare message template, customized content for individual recipient and even manage the database easily on the online Smart Messaging Portal. The service also supports 2-way communication, intelligent auto-reply to specific incoming messages and blasting reports. With these features, retailers can strengthen their all-rounded communication and engagement by either setting up scheduled marketing campaign to promote their new products to customers or blasting adhoc company announcement to frontline sales.

Many retailers are now developing online stores to boost sales. Smart Messaging Solutions offers reliable support to your online business including delivering the one-time password, updating the firsthand purchase confirmation and delivery information to your customer, and more.


SmartConnect is a wireless connectivity solution empowered by SmarTone’s fast, stable and seamless mobile network, providing reliable connection anywhere.

Retail stores could be located in many different areas such as shopping malls, commercial buildings or MTR stations, where some of the locations might not have broadband services coverage (or high speed broadband). SmartConnect can be installed anywhere without location restrictions. It is an alternative to replace broadband services at some areas. SmarTone provides pre-installation consultation, configuration and technical support. WiFi setup takes only one step. Simply plug-in the pre-configured router and WiFi is available for connecting payment or inventory systems upon shop opening or relocation.

Retailers can also setup WiFi to enhance customer experience. Shoppers would love to keep connecting with friends or social media when shopping. While their companions can stay online or playing mobile games inside the store, this could increase their dwell time, possibly your sales.

SmartConnect not only provides WiFi, but also drives shoppers’ engagement. Retailers can customize a WiFi login page to display special deal or social media fan page. Shoppers can sign in easily using their social media accounts and join the fan page. This allows retailers to contact shoppers for future marketing campaigns and grow social media followers.


SmarTeam is an integrated business process management tool which unifying all communication tools and allowing processes to flow through on a single platform. Retailers can use SmarTeam to run shops much more efficiently.

Retail staff usually use walkie-talkie to communicate internally. At the same time, they might use phone or email as inter-shops’ key communication methods. With SmarTeam, staff are no longer required to rely on using different communication tools. Retail staff can communicate, send message or multi-media files via SmarTeam no matter they are in the same or different shops.Shop manager can broadcast important notice, such as new stock pictures and arrival date to all staffs through SmarTeam as well.

SmarTeam not only enhances communication at both intra and inter shops, it also streamlines manpower arrangement. Retail staff are working in shift, shop manager can share roster to all staff through SmarTeam and re-schedule it immediately for ad-hoc situation (e.g. on-duty staff taking sick leave), even HR can have the latest roster at the same time.


Daily transaction of retails shops involves valuable consumer and membership data from Point-of-Sale (POS) system, corporate website and employee computers, such as credit card information, contact details and login credentials. Therefore, retailers are facing challenge to secure those confidential personal and sensitive data. However, cyberthreat is rapidly evolving to level of sophistication that can bypass traditional protection.

Our cybersecurity solution applies the 3-pronged approach with integrating People, Process and Technology, to automatically prevent, detect and response against new generation of cyberattacks.Frontline sales representatives (People) are playing a crucial role to defense cyberattack. One human mistake may cause serious data breaches. Educate each shop representative and back-office supporting staffs to reduce vulnerability to phishing attacks by changing cybersecurity behavior. For instance, employees should not share passwords, or access potentially risky apps and web pages.

Another approach is to defend cyberattack in the technology perspective, Smart Endpoint Detection and Response enables fast investigation and prompt response to incident across all endpoints helps minimize service interruption and maintain business operations for your customers, including stores, warehouse and back office.