Property Management
Enhance tenants and residents experience through management automation
IoT Solution

IoT Solution facilitates property management industry to solve problems in labor shortage, operation efficiency and energy consumption.

Various types of IoT sensors enable property management to allocate manpower effectively. Traditionally, patrolling staff is required to walk through every corner to monitor abnormal situation and report to property manager and/ or control room. Water leakage sensors save manpower on patrolling. Property manager receives instant alert whenever there is water leaking and can assign staff to react swiftly. All these actions can be triggered (instant alert) and completed (launch follow up action) via the mobile app.

Property manager has to ensure no unauthorized person break into the property and/ or restricted area. Door alarm sensors at staircases can detect door opening status. Control room can get notification through administration portal once dedicated door opens. Then he can identify which door is open and any person appear from CCTV.

IoT Solution supports effective energy consumption as well, for example, motion lighting sensors. Lights automatically turn on when people are noticed in the area and adjusted to an optimized minimum light level when people leave. Light is on where and when it is needed, for environmental friendly and effective energy consumption purposes.

IoT sensors can control building’s operations such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, security and other systems effectively. IoT Solution optimizes building management operations and performance. Property management can make use of the data collected from IoT sensors to determine when equipment and/or facility requires maintenance and schedule maintenance at the optimal time, thus reducing breakdown and saving maintenance cost.


Frontline operation of property management usually involves residents’ personal and confidential data across online and multiple endpoints at daily operation.

Residents’ personal information and in & out record are easily exposed due to improper storage and handling. If the security control system is being hacked, it cannot protect thieves from stealing residents’ assets. Cybercriminal will destroy a property management company’s reputation and cause financial loss.

Data breaches and cybercriminals can be prevented by applying Cybersecurity Solutions, Smart Endpoint Detection and Response helps the industry to identify and respond to known and unknown cyberthreats across all endpoints at one console quickly.

Staff should also be well-trained to enhance their cybersecurity awareness while handling residents’ information. For instance, employees should be aware of phishing scams, set strong and secured password etc. Consequently, employees will become the baseline of defense in cybersecurity to increase the organizations’ capability against sophisticated cyberthreats.