Now, come face to face with the overseas person you are speaking to with video call, it is like being there.

International video call rates for major destinations

Country/Destination International Video Call
24 hours flat rate (per min.)
Australia HK$8.00
Austria HK$9.00
Belgium HK$20.00
China HK$20.00
Denmark HK$9.00
Finland HK$20.00
France HK$14.50
Germany HK$9.00
Greece HK$18.00
Hungary HK$18.00
Indonesia HK$12.00
Ireland HK$9.00
Israel HK$12.00
Italy HK$18.00
Japan HK$8.00
Luxembourg HK$20.00
Macau HK$8.00
Malaysia HK$8.00
Netherlands HK$18.00
New Zealand HK$9.00
Norway HK$20.00
Philippines HK$9.00
Poland HK$18.00
Portugal HK$18.00
Singapore HK$8.00
South Korea HK$8.00
Spain HK$20.00
Sweden HK$9.00
Switzerland HK$18.00
Taiwan HK$9.00
Thailand HK$18.00
United Arab Emirates HK$20.00
United Kingdom HK$8.80

For other destinations, please click here.

Dialling Method:

or dial 001 , then press

  • SmarTone customers with a specified mobile monthly plan can enjoy 001 IDD when calling from Hong Kong to overseas using international video calls.
  • IDD charges are calculated on a 6-second incremental basis.
  • In addition to Long Distance Call rates, video calling airtime charges is also applied. All charges will apply once the call is connected.
  • Video calling rates are applicable to calls made to mobile phones only.
  • Listed prices are subject to change without prior notice.
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