SmarTone's 001 IDD provides a convenient and reliable IDD service. Let you keep in touch with business partners and associates overseas with premium quality IDD services.

001 IDD rates for major destinations

Destination International Voice Call
Off-peak Hours Regular Hours
Australia HK$3.50/min. HK$5.30/min.
Canada HK$2.10/min. HK$3.80/min.
China - Shenzhen HK$1.95/min. HK$2.30/min.
- Guangdong HK$3.35/min. HK$3.50/min.
- Rest of China HK$8.50/min. HK$9.20/min.
- Taiwan HK$5.90/min. HK$6.90/min.
France HK$6.30/min. HK$7.00/min.
Germany HK$6.30/min. HK$7.00/min.
Japan HK$5.50/min. HK$7.20/min.
Korea (South) HK$7.90/min. HK$7.90/min.
Malaysia HK$7.20/min. HK$7.90/min.
New Zealand HK$6.00/min. HK$7.50/min.
Singapore HK$5.60/min. HK$6.40/min.
UK HK$3.20/min. HK$5.30/min.
USA HK$2.10/min. HK$3.80/min.

For other destinations, please click here

Dialling Method:

or dial 001 , then press

  • SmarTone customers with a specified mobile monthly plan can enjoy 001 IDD calling from Hong Kong to overseas.
  • If customers have not registered for 001 IDD, please go to any of our stores for registration to enjoy the service.
  • Off Peak hours: 10:00pm to 7:00am; Regular hours: 7:00am to 10:00pm
  • IDD charges are calculated on a 6-second incremental basis.
  • In addition to Long Distance Call rates, local call airtime charges is also applied. All charges will apply once the call is connected.
  • If the duration of a voice call covers two time zones, the calling rate at the time of connection will apply to the whole call.
  • When customer dial an overseas number retrieved from phone’s call history, a standard 001 IDD tariff will be charged.
  • Listed prices are subject to change without prior notice.
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