*The global travel insurance is underwritten by SUN HUNG KAI PROPERTIES INSURANCE LTD

Data Roaming Day Plan Plus

Subscribe the brand new Data Roaming Day Plan Plus, you can immediately enjoy unlimited data roaming and global travel insurance coverage at fixed daily rate no matter where you travel to.

Administrative resources and expense on travel insurance subscription can be minimised. Even though the frequent business travelers have already purchased tracel insurance, DRDP Plus provides you an extra coverage.

Bring you valuable benefits

  • Ultimate peace of Mind - Instantly enjoy unlimited data roaming and global travel insurance coverage when you use Data Roaming Day Plan Plus overases
  • Save effort - Minimise administrative effort prior ro each business trip, good for companies with frequent short trip travelers and ad hoc trips
  • Simple & convenient - No pre-registration required for global travel insurance
  • Global Travel insurance coverage - 24-hour Worldwide Emergency Assistance Service plus comprehensive coverage

SmarTone 5G Roaming Data Service has now extended the coverage to mainland, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, UK, USA, Canada and other popular destinations! Customers who have subscribed to SmarTone 5G service plans will be upgraded to enjoy ultra-fast 5G roaming data overseas without extra charges! Click here for more details.

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