Stealth Roaming

Enjoy your privacy

Keep your location private when roaming overseas by presenting the standard Hong Kong connecting tone to your callers.

Two affordable options

Choose between our HK$10 Daily Plan or HK$38 Monthly Plan. You can apply for SmarTone's Stealth Roaming through your phone either in Hong Kong or when you arrive in any destination with a GSM network. An SMS confirming the service commencement will be sent to you after your application is processed.

HK$10 Daily Plan - No prior registration required, ideal for short trips
To activate Press
To deactivate Press
The service will be activated or deactivated in minutes.
  • This Daily Plan covers the time period from 00:00 to 23:59 (Hong Kong Time) and allows you to activate and deactivate the service as often as you like without incurring additional charges
HK$38 Monthly Plan - A cost-effective package for frequent travellers
To apply Press on your phone Alternatively drop by your nearest SmarTone stores or dial our 24-hour hotline 2880 2688.
Service will be activated within 2 hours of application. Once subscribed, you can turn the service on/off temporarily as often as you like during the month by following the above Daily Plan activation and deactivation instructions at no extra charge. If you want to terminate the monthly plan, please call our hotline at 2880 2688 or visit our stores.

Tip: *131* PhoneHome displays your mobile number on Hong Kong recipients' mobile phones as if you're still in Hong Kong. It is the perfect solution to maintaining the privacy of your whereabouts while roaming when used together with Stealth Roaming.

International Call Forwarding

Send your calls over the border

Are you planning a long stay in an overseas destination where you have access to a local mobile or landline number? Then check out our International Call Forwarding Service*for simple and flexible call management.

You can activate International call forwarding using your phone whenever you're in a destination with a GSM network.

In places with non-GSM networks, simply forward your Hong Kong mobile number to your local mobile number or landline number in the country you are visiting before leaving Hong Kong. Please remember to cancel the call forwarding when back in Hong Kong.

Receive forwarded calls in crystal clear quality

Enjoy the outstanding voice quality and a stable connection for international call routings. Forwarded calls are charged at regular 001 IDDrates. Charges are shown on your monthly statement for easy reference.

Forward to overseas landline number

Forward to overseas mobile number

Cancel forwarding

*You need to apply for unconditional call forwarding and IDD services.

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