SmarTone Solutions x Netgear Limited Offer

SmarTone  Plan

SmarTone Solutions x Netgear Limited Offer

Monthly Fee

HK$ 198

Unlimited Local Data#


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  • The plan includes 500GB Full Speed. Under FUP (Fair Usage Policy), when monthly data usage reaches the plan's data allowance, data service continues, but access to network resources will be given lower priority and data service experience may be affected. Internet experience can vary due to factors such as the relative position between user and the base stations, the download server resources, Internet traffic conditions, the number of users, users’ devices and other factors that may arise.
  • The special monthly fee $198 is based on the original monthly fee $798, after free 2 months (10th and 20th month of the contract period) and monthly rebate has been credited. Monthly rebate:
    • HK$400 rebate in 2nd and 3rd month
    • HK$600 rebate in 1st, 4th – 9th, 11th – 19th, 21st – 24th month
  • SmarTone 5G limited offer is eligible to customers who purchase selected Netgear 5G router(s) and 24 months contract is required.
  • This monthly plan does not include voice and roaming services.
  • $18 Admin Fee Waiver.