HKRMA Member Exclusive Offer

Proprietary 5G Max* - Instantly direct you to the best 5G base station for an optimised 5G experience

The Widest Coverage in Hong Kong+ - No geographical limitation. Meet your different needs

*The HK exclusive 5G Max technology adopted by SmarTone features AI real-time radio processing and Ericsson’s powerful network technology, both developed by Ericsson.

+“The Widest Coverage in Hong Kong” is based on results obtained from SmarTone's road test conducted on 19 Jul 2021. The route of the road test went through the 18 districts of Hong Kong, covering major roads including expressways, trunk roads, tunnels and bridges. The result shows that SmarTone’s 5G network has coverage in each of the districts. 5G coverage is defined as spot with received 5G radio signal level not weaker than -95dBm.

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